Social Media at the Fund

So many wonderful people are improving the worlds around them, their communities. That’s what our funding is for and we want everyone to know about it. We want people to know that this is The National Lottery, a piece of history, and a national institution to be proud of. We want everyone to notice that our funding is impacting where they live.


There’s a reason it’s called social. Go ahead and put a smile on. Let your voice ring out. Make a friend.

When I am putting together some creative for social media, I think about the legacy of advertising. Yes, I draw on those old skills, repackaging them for the contexts of here and now. Get attention, inform, inspire to action. For the Fund, the action is to share the news and create more awareness of the good being supported in communities.

What makes it work is what makes it real. Truth. Truth in advertising. The authenticity that is fundamental to the brand.

Real numbers, real impact

The saddest day of the year

It’s a sharing culture