The brand development journey at the Fund

Brand has always been about much more than the visual presentation. At The National Lottery Community Fund, visual choices have been driven by deep truths and philosophies. Communities are made up of real people. These are the people who make lives better for everyone, and these are the people who inspire us to bring our best selves forward.


There are sometimes questions about what makes us human. We believe it’s the connections we make with others and the experiences that bring communities to life. That’s what needs to show through in commissioned photography, and what positions authentic people at the foreground of the brand identity.


A broad spectrum of colours are in use, with a dark blue setting the strong stable foundation, a bright pink providing the lure, and the full range of nuanced tones made available through every other colour outside of the indigo-purple range.

Logo mark

Evolving logo mark across materials

This logo tells you all you really need to know in the first instance. We are part of The National Lottery family, we are focused on community, and we are a funding organisation.

When I joined the Fund, you could have your logo in magenta or cyan. Before that, you had an even wider range of choices and our name was Big Lottery Fund.

I am proud to have been part of this transformation and take particular credit for driving the parts of the logo identity into a tighter embrace.

Cross-brand Collaboration

Interwoven branding feaures across materials

We have many partnerships and collaborations and need to balance the voices of each organisation’s identity and acknowledgement. Fortunately, it is not difficult to agree on a people centred approach, so featuring our authentic photographic moments is welcomed.

We have a simple protocol for combining logos into a locked up configuration, and will sometimes not even use it, in order to let the highlights of the initiative shine.

Messaging, Data and Info

Practical application of charts, maps and diagrams

The National Lottery Community Fund has had a huge impact on many people’s lives and communities. That story cannot be fully understood without looking at the numbers.

Infographis and narrative stories are shared in proportion, depending on the audience. We seek to inform and inspire leaders, both in communities across the UK, as well as at the highest levels of government.