• Design, Graphic Design

    I trained as a graphic designer, but it is the principles of design that I am passionate about. I like the aesthetic of balance, but it is the way we find solutions to problems that I love. Recent projects have been dominated by Brand, Accessible Document Creation, Social Media and User Experience, each requiring different skills and thinking.

    Colour usage across materials

    Ever wonder what people really think of you? That’s your brand. So too with any business or organisation. The way you present yourself will have a significant impact on expectations.

    Social media

    This is where advertising continues to re-invent itself. Like a surfer, it is about catching the biggest waves and holding on as long as possible, until the next wave.

    Accessible Documents
    Some ways that documents are made accessible

    This is very much a hybrid world of print and digital. There is no silver bullet and while it is essential to meet legal requirements, accessibility needs can require tailored responses.

    User Experience

    There is always room for improvent, but sometimes you just need to know where to start. UX answers both these calls, with the goal of delivering that better future we are always expecting.

The extent to which you have a design style is the extent to which you have not solved the design problem.

Charles Eames